Rejecting False Prophets

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  • Song Name: Rejecting False Prophets
  • Artist: Fergus Hodgson
  • Album: The Stateless Man
  • Year: 2014

Chile Losing Its Legacy | Venezuela Explained through Fiction | Article V Balance of Powers | Free Market Economics Education

Guests: Axel Kaiser (3:10), Joel Hirst (19:30), Rob Natelson (37:27), Walter Block (56:46)

- Axel Kaiser of Fundación Para el Progreso on the future of Chile as an expat and liberty haven.

- Joel Hirst, a long-term traveler and author of The Lieutenant Of San Porfi rio — a novel that seeks to explain Venezuela's predicament.

- Rob Natelson of the Independence Institute on the case for a convention to amend the US Constitution.

- Walter Block of Loyola University New Orleans on his free market economics program, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and the future of higher education.