The Rhetoric of Open Borders | Fractional Reserve Banking: Money Out of Nothing

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  • Song Name: The Rhetoric of Open Borders | Fiat Currency, Fractional Reserve Banking
  • Artist: Fergus Hodgson
  • Album: The Stateless Man
  • Year: 2013

Guests: Bill Mullen (9:32), Don Richards (54:14).

A recent debate over open borders (pictured below), or at least the free movement of labor, drew my ire. Most notably, the audience turned heavily against the motion to β€œlet anyone take a job anywhere.” Bill Mullen, a homeschooling father, experienced libertarian, and rhetoric specialist, digests just why Bryan Caplan and his fellow proponent failed so badly.

A television clip from New Zealand, regarding fractional reserve banking in the context of fiat currencies, managed to get through the state broadcaster, TVNZ. The key guest on the clip, Don Richards (pictured), agreed to join us β€” even at 4 a.m. in New Zealand β€” and he explained his work with Positive Money NZ. His proposal is part of a broader International Movement for Monetary Reform.