Partisan Stupidity | Canada’s Freemen on the Land | Free Trade and Nationalist Bickering | The Next Currency?

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  • Year: 2013

While those most affected may fail to notice, political parties and movements have a way of infecting their adherents with sloppy thinking — all the better for "total devotion to the goals." Paul Wilson of has written on the matter, and he shares how he observed this in his own life and why "politics has become a religion."

The Freemen on the Land movement in Canada is generating attention and has reached the then-they-fight-you stage. How dare people question the authority of an all encompassing state and seek to opt out! Ryan Elson of unravels the media spin and reveals his own approach to the freeman lifestyle.

Wolf von Laer is on the executive board of European Students for Liberty, a fellow international-explorer, and a Young Voices Advocate. He explains the merits of free trade and how childish behavior among government officials, particularly their tendency to spy on each another, is threatening more open engagement. He also shares insights from his book on the pitfalls of central banking.