Collectivist Failure in Latin America | Anarchism and the Liberty Movement | Startup Cities Update With Tom Bell

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  • Song Name: Collectivism in Latin America | The Path to Anarchism | Startup Cities Update
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  • Year: 2013

New economic competitiveness rankings are out, and Latin America typically lags behind. At the same time, many people in Colombia have begun an aggressive campaign against Starbucks and its potential investment in the nation. These are not isolated events.

David Shellenberger, "a voice for freedom," has been in the liberty movement for decades. He shares his observations on how he came to devote his life to it on a full-time basis. He now believes in the anarchist position and sees more and more young people taking that position as well.

Tom Bell, a law professor based in California, is perhaps the world's leading legal expert on the promise of startup cities. He explains what these are exactly and their current status in Honduras, which is near fruition!